Find Your First Client As A Business Coach

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

- Lao Tzu

Congratulations, you started your business as a coach, and now you are looking for your first client. You may require strong marketing skills, a broad network, communication skills and sales techniques. This may all seem impossible, but have more belief in yourself. After you close that one client, the second and the tenth will come along. 

Let’s dive into this article to begin the journey of a thousand steps. 

What type of business coach are you? 

First things first, it is a crucial one that you have a superpower. Ask yourself this, what experience or credibility do you have? Why kind of business coach are you? Know your domain, skills, and strengths and use them to your advantage. The clients are seeking from experts. If you need some certification to start off, go for it! Remember, this is your superpower. Your idea clients want to know they are dealing with experts who can help grow them or...

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30 Quick Tips To Build Your LinkedIn Presence

linkedin Oct 01, 2019




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How To Gain Your Speaking Confidence w. Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar, one of The Trusted Voice e-coaches has over 20 years of speaking experience. We sat down with over an interview and asked his question about him, his life and his path to becoming a global public speaker. 


Bobby Umar's Background 

The Trusted Voice: Tell us about your parents, what were they like? \

Bobby Umar: My dad is an accountant. My mom is a homemaker. They were born in Pakistan and moved here before I was born. So I was the first person in my family born in Canada. They were both very social people, loved to laugh, and my mom was a nurturing type. I took all these qualities from them. They did all they could to make sure I never had to worry about money and encouraged me to do well in school. I even got to skip a grade because of my success. 


TTV: What was your dream as a kid?

B: I had many. They included being a hockey player, being a singer or musician, but also being an astronaut. 

TTV: Tell us about your high school...

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Coming Up With New Content Ideas

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2019

11 ways to think about new content ideas

  1. Conduct interviews
  2. Go to Quora
  3. Ask your social networks
  4. Go to your competitor websites
  5. Brainstorm ideas
  6. Google search engine
  7. YouTube 
  8. Create a swipe file 
  9. Product reviews
  10. Open your newspaper and see current events 
  11. Sign up for newsletters
  12. List down all the questions your customers ask you all the time
  13. List 50 Questions (see below for details)

Go on Quora

Quora is literally a question-and-answer website. Go to Quora, type the key topic that you want to generate create on. Answer the questions in your own voice. Voila, you have content. 

Ask Your Social Networks 

Go on to your Twitter or your prefered social network and ask. 

I went on my LinkedIn and frame the question to be specific to about content. Don't be afraid to ask. 

Think and List 100 Questions 

The ultimate content strategy is listening. 

We learn all the time, especially when we listen. We listen to customers, to employees, to...

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How To Create LinkedIn Profile To Stand Out

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

LinkedIn Profile Tip

This is a healthy reminder to clean up your LinkedIn profile.
When is the last time you updated your profile?

Here are some things for consideration
    1. Optimise your profile to suit your avatar?
      - leverage keywords 
      - a basic SEO trick is to use the search engine for keywords
  • Treat it like a landing page to attract your avatar
  • Have a specific CTA (call-to-actions) to measure your success
  • Use the cover like an advertising board or showcase your cred
    - I like using graphic software, Canva, for this
  • In your description, tell a story that showcases your credibility, expertise and how you can help your avatar.

Other profiles to check out:
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