How To Gain Your Speaking Confidence w. Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar, one of The Trusted Voice e-coaches has over 20 years of speaking experience. We sat down with over an interview and asked his question about him, his life and his path to becoming a global public speaker. 


Bobby Umar's Background 

The Trusted Voice: Tell us about your parents, what were they like? \

Bobby Umar: My dad is an accountant. My mom is a homemaker. They were born in Pakistan and moved here before I was born. So I was the first person in my family born in Canada. They were both very social people, loved to laugh, and my mom was a nurturing type. I took all these qualities from them. They did all they could to make sure I never had to worry about money and encouraged me to do well in school. I even got to skip a grade because of my success. 


TTV: What was your dream as a kid?

B: I had many. They included being a hockey player, being a singer or musician, but also being an astronaut. 

TTV: Tell us about your high school...

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