3-Steps For Producing Copy That Converts Consistently

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Want to write and put out content that is compelling and engaging? 

More importantly, that gets your ideal buyers to move to the next step? 

It’s one thing to get people to read your stuff, and another to get them to opt-in, book a call with you, or buy your stuff. 

Words have power. 

The way you write has a huge effect on what you gain - in both businesses and in life. If your copy is not compelling then you’re losing sales. 

Anfernee, your coach, will teach you the basics of copywriting for small businesses.

Join the workshop and walk away with the knowledge and a checklist, for producing copy that converts. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to submit your work before the workshop and receive live critique and feedback in the workshop session.

Write better. Sell more. 

Book a spot today. 

About This e-Workshop

This is a special collaboration between Anfernee & The Trusted Voice.

In this 60 minute e-workshop, you will learn:

  • Why and How quality copywriting is crucial to your business 
  • How to write great headlines and words that sell
  • The 3-steps for producing copy that converts consistently 


The Outcome: Develop the skillsets to write business copywriting 


Format of the workshop:

  • What is copywriting? 
  • Why is quality copywriting crucial?
  • How to write great headlines and words that sell
  • The 3-steps for producing copy that converts consistently 
  • Live Copywriting critique/feedback
  • Q&A with the coach


Cost of workshop: $99USD per person

This includes:
+ access to the community

+ checklist
+ post-video: access to ensure that you soak in the knowledge again

Date of the workshop:

*Note the international timezone

London/UK: Wednesday, 2 October. 9-10am BST

Los Angeles/USA: Wednesday, 2 October. 1-2am 4pm PDT

Melb/Australia: Thursday, 3 October 2019.  6 - 7pm AEST



About Coach Anfernee Chansasmooth

With over 10 years of digital marketing, content and copy experience, Anfernee Chansamooth loves helping small business owners and marketers to tell powerful stories and produce content that converts. 

Anfernee is a professional copywriter and content strategist. He’s the Founder of Simple Creative Marketing and co-host of the Founders Connect podcast.  

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What clients say about Anfernee

Since we started working with Anfernee and his team, our website traffic has been gradually increasing. We've been getting great feedback from people enjoying our content, and our content has been shared more than it used to be. 

Meryl Johnson (Financial business owner)


I don't post on social media much. I haven't found quality leads in the past doing it. I prefer referrals. But I do send out regular newsletter and I get at least 50% open rate now because of Anfernee help with copy editing and writing enticing subject line. 

Colleen Keith (Graphic Designer)


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