The Trusted Voice's mission is to amplify the voices of leaders online.

Many trusted business leaders and experts are silent on social media, and we help boost their online visibility, brand and reputation. 

Over a hundred professionals have joined our membership program to accelerate their trust and credibility using video and LinkedIn.

At The Trusted Voice, we believe in the power of:

Community - You are at the heart of everything we do.

Our community is the foundation of our purpose, and the reason we push ourselves to work harder for you. We want to go further than comments, memes and emoji replies. We want to cultivate and share conversations.

The Trusted Community is our exclusive network for you; a safe space to ask questions, get support and share accountability with a diverse group of talented professionals.


Communication - We tell it to you straight, as succinctly as we can, otherwise it's spam. 

That’s what we keep in mind when communicating with you. There are only so many emails, texts and notifications a person can read (And remember!) throughout the day.

We want our communications to be memorable. To do this, we spend time figuring out what we want to say and why - so you don’t have to :)


Confidence  - what do you stand for?

Speak up, don’t sit down; raise your voice high and keep your ego low. We believe this is confidence at its core: The power to be authentic as you are. 

We believe in what we create, and the community we facilitate. Leverage our expertise, take action on the learning we share and build confidence in yourself - and your brand.

Meet The Trusted Voice team:

String Nguyen
Founder of The Trusted Voice

Fried chicken lover, 3x LinkedIn’s Top Voice, and an award-winning producer for video channels. 

Even though she graduated as an interior designer, she felt an urge to expand and find her purpose in life. Which is to increase creative vibes in the world. The more authentically aligned we are to our true values and purpose, the more we find our zen in life.

She founded The Trusted Voice as she found opportunities to leverage LinkedIn to amplify the voices of knowledgeable and amazing people and leaders.

String is also an APAC brand ambassador for Lenovo.

Her favourite tool is her Lenovo Yoga C94 which she uses daily. Her current community tool of choice is Discord. The trusted tools for her LinkedIn Live shows are a Sony A6400 and Restream.

Jay Henenberg
The Trusted Knowledge Manager

Jay is the wordsmith of The Trusted Voice team and the knowledge manager working behind the scenes of our content.

Jay brings a wealth of experience in human-centered learning design and content writing to the team, along with diverse voiceover talents.

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for translating complex information into snackable content, Jay is hard at work to bring you new learning experiences that will supercharge your personal brand.

Jay’s favourite tools are:
Notion and OneNote as knowledge management and productivity tools;

Vivaldi and Mozilla, 2 digital rights-focused companies who develop browsers that are built for you, rather than being built to take (data) from you.

Nick La
The Trusted Advisor

Nick La has always had an eye for opportunity and a drive for following the more daring path in life.

He is the serial entrepreneur behind Cutting Edge Group, a premium training and vocational services business; The Brass Coq, a boutique traditional Vietnamese food concept; and Weploy, an on-demand hiring platform for customer service and general admin.  

As COVID-19 continues to redefine ‘The new normal’, Nick believes that it is now more important than ever for trustworthy digital communities to rise above the noise. He has invested his support in The Trusted Voice and feels in sync with our mission and values.

Nick’s favourite productivity tools are: Asana, Google Sheets and Google Calendar.

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