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About Ren

Ren is an innovation strategist, speaker and author. Being a transformation expert, she has also helped dozens of founders get funding, built international partnerships, and craft their early-stage ideas into viable market-ready businesses. Her motivation comes in the form of whiskey, reptiles, new challenges and chances to getting her hands dirty.

"Reimagine your business"

Moving from California to Melbourne seven years ago, Ren has a background in science education, creative communications, and systems thinking which come together to bring a unique and dynamic approach to building imaginative entrepreneurial talent.

Most recently, she led the team at Inspire9, Melbourne’s first idea-stage business incubator. She has driven growth within startups, innovation and ecosystem capacity building in Australia for the past few years. Her experience spans teaching, applied technologies and business systems.


"My super power: helping people on their journey to their new future."

Ren Butler

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