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About Bobby Umar 

Bobby Umar is an inspirational 5x TEDx speaker, coach, international best-selling author. He is one of the top social influencers in the world, with over half a million followers, and has been named the “2nd Best Business Coach to Follow” on Twitter.


Strive for Greatness.
Create a legacy through speaking.

Every single person has a powerful story that can inspire change in people.

Presenting and speaking on stage allows you to:

  • Share your voice
  • Own your brand
  • And build influence.

Bobby Umar is an advocate of heart-based leadership in North America. He also founded the DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand conference, the largest event in North America dedicated solely to personal branding. Over 250,000 people have experienced Bobby’s high-energy keynotes and engaging workshops.

Are you ready to become or be a better speaker?

Jump on a call with Bobby and chat with him on how he can help launch or elevate your speaking career?

"Every Person Has a Story, Purpose & Legacy"

Bobby Umar

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