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About Alan

Alan is an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR), investor, tech entrepreneur and mentor, which he has advised and mentored startup founders on lean startup methodology, marketing and communications. 

Fun fact: Alan is currently the third highest-ranked Australian athlete in world hide and seek competition. 

"Hands-on experience"

Being a founding investor in Australian tech startup venture funds Pollenizer, Startmate and Blackbird Ventures, Alan is currently raising a new venture fund, M8 Ventures, with Microsoft Reactor’s Emily Rich, focusing on pre-seed and seed investment in early-stage tech startups in Australia and New Zealand. Previously, he was cofounder of HomeScreen Entertainment and Product Director, South Asia for Yahoo!., Inc.

"We first approached Alan for advice on how to pitch to Startmate. This was before we had customers, a product or a team. Alan just got what we wanted to do before anybody else and helped us with a lot of basic stuff in the early days. He literally got business cards made for us. We’re grateful to have him as a friend, early investor and trusted advisor."

Mike Baukes
CEO and Co-founder, UpGuard

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