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The 7-Day Video Challenge


You're an expert, but something is holding you back from amplifying your voice or story.

Inside of you, there's something that want to come out, but the only one holding you back is yourself.

This is why this challenge and 7-day format is set up.
It's to give you permission to learn how to create YOUR story.

The good part is that you're doing it in a safe, supportive and creative environment. 

Video is being used to help review and give accountability. Part of the process is to create and go through the motion of creating videos.

This 7-Day Challenge is to help you:
- gain confidence
- speak with confidence
- learn to tell your story
- have fun learning

There is a commitment, 7 days of your time to think and create.
Give yourself the headspace to go outside of your comfort zone and learn a new soft-skill.

During the challenge, you will receive:
+ 7 days of mini-video tutorial
+ worksheets to support your learning
+ support by Bobby & String
+ access to our community of experts and creators
+ 3-month access to the content.


Your Facilitators and Support:

  • Bobby Umar
    the main instigator and host, he will be champion your way to gain your speaker voice.
  • String Nguyen
    A LinkedIn video influencer who loves stories and helping becoming amplify their voice.


Cost of the challenge: 
$99 to be part of the challenge and gain resources.

Update: This Launch Special has ended. $49 (A 48hour launch special)


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