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Creating a video reel to book public speaking gigs

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Are you thinking of performing more public speaking gigs?

Do you have a video sizzle reel that showcases your performance and brand style? 

At The Trusted Voice, our workshops are designed for outcomes and easy executions. In this workshop, we focus on helping you create a kickass video sizzle reel to add to your public speaking toolkit. 


Organizers want to see you work your magic. 


By having an amazing speaker sizzle reel, it will allow you to get paid for your performance, showcase your craft and professionalism. 

Create a video sizzle that shows your magic. 


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Details About The Workshop

In this 60 minute e-workshop, you will learn:
  • What potential clients and conferences want to see in a speaker reel

  • How to put together a good speaker reel

  • What makes a speaker reel stand out from the rest

  • How to customize a speaker reel for your specific niche and/or unique speaker brand

Outcome: You will have a video sizzle reel that help you propel your speaking career. 

Outline of the 60-minute online workshop: 

  • The Do's & Don'ts of a video sizzle reel

  • Format of speaker reel

  • Fulfilling expectations of clients and/or conference organizers

  • How to stand out by adding your brand and personality

  • Tools to create (DIY or work with a freelance video editor)

  • Q&A segment: ask anything related to speaking and video sizzle reel. 



Remember, we want you to create the best and most kickass video sizzle reel.


+ We are offering video review to ensure that you stand out and be memorable. 

+ Access to the video to watch in your time. 



About Your Speaking Coach - Bobby Umar

Bobby is a down-to-earth family guy based in Toronto, Canada. With over 10 years in the public speaking scene. He is now helping professionals find their stage voice. He believes translating and amplifying your expertise, personality and storytelling skills on and off stage. 

Learn more about Bobby Umar here.

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