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The Story of String & The Trusted Voice

If you're reading this, you’ve probably seen one of my videos.

My videos have been seen over 8 million times, all around the world, on many different platforms (Meerkat (RIP), Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and, most recently LinkedIn) and helped me develop my personal brand.

I started off as an interior designer and artist, making installations & projects out of string. The nickname has stuck, but I’ve moved on to even bigger projects. Specifically, video marketing & personal brand coaching and consulting.

Early in 2019, I was selected to be part of a seed accelerator called Collider in Brisbane, Australia. During my time in Collider, I learned more about product development and develop my tools as a solo-founder. 

With the future of work becoming both more global & gig-based, it’s more important than ever for professionals and small business owners to market themselves. 

I believe that creativity is the key to professional relevance. My team and I can train you to improve your storytelling, video production and marketing strategy to grow your business and become a Trusted Voice.

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The Trusted Voice Ethos are: 

  • Creative freedom to pursue your voice 
  • Knowledge is monetizable power
  • Collaboration is key to success

On a personal level, I had to go against societal norms and my mother wishes for a stable life and income. My mother was a boat refugee who escaped the war in Vietnam. The various barriers, including low-socioeconomic and family tragedies, have further inspired me to help others pursue their own creative voice. 


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