About Us

The Trusted Voice (formerly Master Your Video) has the vision to help increase knowledge sharing creative vibes and voices of domain experts. 

Being online is more important than ever, as we find jobs online, build our business, reputation and even find love online.

With overwhelming information online, it can be hard to navigate and find relevant information. Which is why The Trusted Voice has been established.

We help business by providing: 

  1. e-coaches to guide you 
  2. courses and tutorials to level up your knowledge 
  3. a community to support and growth with 

We're a digital personal branding hub that helps business become digitally relevant today. 

Our values are: 

  • Knowledge is worth sharing. 
  • Creativity allows us to be solution makers.
  • Diversity ensures our voices be unique.
  • Innovation, such as digital, allows us to be relevant in today's fast pace world. 

If you're a thought leader, content creator or a business owner, join our community and learn how to amplify your voice and influence today. 

From String Nguyen
Founder of The Trusted Voice 


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