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With String Nguyen, 2x Top Voice

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Be memorable. Build your personal brand for business. 

Personal branding is becoming a buzzword. But it comes down to one thing. It’s all about you. Especially your character. Personal branding is a strategy.

It’s not about being an online personality. It’s about being authentically you, on and offline. 

Still, how can you stand out from the other professionals in your industry?

That’s why you have String and 7V’s. 

Your 7V =

Your... Vision +  Values + Volk-Folks + Visuals + Voice +  Validation +  Victory

By doing this workshop, you will be ten steps ahead of the typical crowd. Again, personal branding is a strategy that makes you memorable and allows you to attract the right network and business. 

String, your branding coach, will use the 7V’s - a personal framework to level up your personal brand strategy. 

Show your value. Be you. 
Start walking in your own truth.

Do the work & Book a spot today. 


About The e-Workshop

You will receive the following:

  • 7V’s template: which will help you develop your personal brand
  • Video presentation faciliated by String - she will share the benefits, case studies and bring more clarity around your brand. 
  • Check-in session: Join the group session and let String review your 7V's.


The Outcome: Develop a personal brand strategy.
This will provide clarity on how you create and deliver your marketing and business. 


Format of the online workshop:

  1. Do the work - receive a worksheet and answer the questions using The 7Vs framework.
  2. Review - Send it to String for review.
  3. Check-in Time - Attend the online workshop and check-in. This is the time to ask further questions and learn how to add clarity to your personal brand. 

 Cost of workshop: $99USD per person

 This includes: 

+ personal review from String (the founder of 7V's framework)

+ access to the community

+ tools and worksheet 

+ post-video: access to ensure that you soak in the knowledge again


Date of the next group check-in session

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*Note the international timezone

Los Angeles/USA: Thursday, 30 Oct, 2-3pm PDT

Melb/Australia: Friday, 1 Nov, 8-9am AEST



About Coach String

String Nguyen is video and personal brand marketing specialist. She has been recognised as 2x Top Voice, an award-winning Snapchat producer and nominated for Forbes Asia 30u30. As a curious and creative geek of the future, she loves to interview interesting people and organize fried chicken parties. 

String is the founder of The Trusted Voice, our mission is to help professionals ditch the 9-5 job and amplify their expertise and voice online. 

More about String here.

Leverage your story and build your personal brand.

My story started over 10 years ago when I was an artist and 'String Story' was an art project. Overtime it evolved to be a marketing business to a global brand. 

Use my 7V framework to develop your own personal brand.

🍗 String 

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Develop Your Personal Branding using the 7V

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What clients say about String

String brought a lot of clarity about my branding and how to use leverage it for my business. 

The 7V was super useful and allowed me to stand out. It even allowed me to amplify my speaking opportunities. 

Jenny Smith (Public Speaker)


I love how String articulated the 7V in a tangible way.

I've applied to my About page + marketing asset box.

Lidia James Thomson (Money Coach) 


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