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Increase your visibility and grow as The Trusted Voice on LinkedIn.

Gain more visibility and trust on LinkedIn

You're an expert, yet you have an invisible presence on LinkedIn.

Use our 7Vs Success Framework to become a Trusted Voice on LinkedIn, so you can:

✅ Increase your visibility and be authentically you

✅ Create highly engaging content on a consistent basis

✅ Convert content into leads/sales/new opportunities

Attract An Audience

Grow a relevant audience that will convert into potential business or clients. 

More Opportunities

String grew her brand to open a new business, find clients. The same can be applied to you.

More Interviews

As The Trusted Voice, gain speaking gigs and podcast interview opportunities. 

From 0 followers to 49,000 followers -  4x LinkedIn's Top Voice, String Nguyen established The Trusted Voice membership to... 

Grow your personal brand authentically on LinkedIn by: 

1: Learning how to create a consistent, memorable identity. String is synonymous with fried chicken 🍗 - the key is being authentic to your vision and values.

2: Generating engaging content consistently using The 7Vs framework.

3: Leveraging String's deep expertise to get ahead of your compeitors. 

4: Increasing your digital visibility

...So you can be The Trusted Voice in your niche. Interested? 

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Become The Trusted Voice with String

Be The Trusted Voice and amplify your expertise.

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Become a TTV Founding Member 🍗

Increase your reputation, visibility, and market yourself effectively on LinkedIn. And do this AUTHENTICALLY.

The Path to Success with The 7Vs

Use TTV's 7Vs Framework to grow your brand

🎨 Our new TTV Creation System to create content at a consistent cadence

🎁 Monthly content templates to boost your creativity

🍗 Live group coaching sessions twice per month with String to socialise your learning

💟 Our inclusive TTV community to network, share and inspire each other

📝 The Trusted Playbook, a 7-step learning guide filled with actionable tutorials and tactics for growth

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Founding Members Bonus Pack

Gain additional products to grow. The total bonus value is $US373

7 Day Challenge

Kickstart your visibility with a Content Challenge - starts on July 7th

LinkedIn Analytics

30-day complimentary access to Shields (valued at $24)

TTV Masterclass

Level up your content storytelling w. String (valued at $250)

Meet String Nguyen

Out of 750 million LinkedIn users, String has risen to become one of the top global 330 creators and marketers, an achievement LinkedIn has recognized her for 4 years running.

Through the use of creativity, leadership, mentorship, and genuine human connection, she’s helped dreamers and hustlers become trusted voices in their industry.

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Join The Trusted Voice Membership if you're a:

1: Content Creator or influencer, who wants more consistency with content and their brand.

2: Career/Business Coach or Consultant, who aims to build their digital reputation.

3: Professional who wants be the trusted channel in their industry.

4: Person who wants to explore a creative outlet, and find their voice via social media. 

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[Revamped] The Trusted Playbook

We're revamping it to reflect The 7Vs framework and paving your path to success.

The first step towards a strong brand is a clear vision. Own your expertise and align your brand with a strong vision statement.
We start with the following words:
“I am The Trusted Voice for...”

Here are some of our Trusted Voices: 

Cindy Liang is The Trusted Voice for strategic brand presentation. 

Karen R is The Trusted Coach for confidently empowered nurses. 

Benjamin Williams is The Trusted Voice for visual production. 

Jay Henenberg is The Trusted Voice for Knowledge Management.

You are The Trusted Voice for…?

We will explore this with you in Module 1!

We will explore two types of values:

1. What are your core values?

Getting clarity on this is key to nurturing both personal and brand authenticity.

2. What is your value proposition?

Branding is all about offering value and highlights your superpowers.

This is where we begin our journey to evolve your presence on LinkedIn.

Discover how we do it in Module 2!

Your voice matters.

Module 3 introduces you to the TTV Creation System, a guided tool you will use to stay amplify your voice on LinkedIn:

🧗🏻‍♀️ A simple, structured process for creating organised, consistent content

🧠 Covers all aspects of the content creation process, from brainstorming to scheduling

📚 Includes a range of templates to level up your LinkedIn content strategy.

String’s brand is synonymous with the fried chicken emoji🍗. A core element of branding is repetition. Learn how to develop your own distinct brand identity in Module 4!

Volks is a German word to describe people.

Who are your volks?
Who are your people?
Really, who are your 100 true fans?

The more you know your true volks, the more you can create content that attracts and grows your audience on LinkedIn.

Learn how to identify your volks in Module 5!

Validation is about tracking your growth and progress towards your goals.

Are you growing?

If not, this is when we take the time to optimise your first 5 Vs to ensure optimal brand alignment.

If yes, we spend our time on developing strategies to build on your success and sustain your creative momentum.

Learn all about validation in Module 6!

Learning how to monetize your brand is a major victory.

We will dive into methods for monetizing your:

👩🏻‍🏫 Audience

📚 Knowledge
💬 LinkedIn presence

This is the point at which we begin developing your LinkedIn profile as a funnel for monetizing your brand.

Discover all things monetization in Module 7!

What our volks (aka "people") say about us:

Frequently Asked Questions

For monthly members: Your first payment will be made when you sign up. Your nominated payment method will be billed on a monthly basis.

For Annual members:  Your payment for the year is made when you sign up. Your nominated payment method will be billed once per year.

Want to upgrade? Easy. Start off with a monthly plan and start your journey with us. You can always upgrade to an annual plan later.

You may cancel your membership within 30 days of signup and will receive a full refund. There are no hidden charges or fees.

The Trusted Voice membership has intake periods several times per year.

During an intake period, enrolments are open for 4-5 days. 

We recommend that you join the waiting list to be one of the first in line when our next intake period begins.

It depends on your situation. We encourage you to chat with your trusted financial voice, AKA your accountant ;P

Typically, The Trusted Voice Membership is a marketing expense. 

You can ask your business to reimburse you for personal development and upskill.


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