Master Your Video: Be Seen, Heard and Trusted

People don’t trust you if they can’t see you. Use video to show confidence, amplify your trusted voice and resonate with your community.

We’ve got the tools and techniques to help you get there. It’s all in our Mobile Video Masterclass.

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Be A Trusted Voice Online Using Video

Meet String, Founder of The Trusted Voice and Your Guide To Video Storytelling


Show yourself! Being seen = trust ⚑

Video is a trust accelerator. 

Posting written content is not enough to stand out. 

Don't just write about your origin story or industry trends.

Show yourself on video, be vulnerable and share your insights with your community to accelerate your trust factor. 

Recognised as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices 3 years running, String and her trusted team will share the best techniques for you to use in creating engaging social videos that resonate and build trust with your audience.

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Are you an entrepreneur, author, speaker, business owner or expert in your field?

That’s a cool story. You, your best friend and your cat know that 😺

But without a video presence that shows the real you, your cool story will go unseen and unheard. 😿

Do you overthink when shooting a video, to the point of analysis paralysis? Fear of judgement?

Then this Masterclass is for you!

You know how important video is to communicate, connect and attract your audience - and so do we.

We will show you the techniques and tricks that we use to create engaging smartphone videos that stand out, so you can leverage them for yourself!

It's Time for Action 🎬

Leverage Video To Help You Get:

More Confidence

Consistent practice on video leads to increased community engagement. This builds a cycle of confidence.

More Clients

Be a trusted voice in your industry. Amplify your voice and convert more community members into clients.

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More Content

Increase engagement and visibility. Show your influence and give your community what they want to hear!

"I stumbled on a String video around the time I started doing video for my business. She was funny, genuine, and we share a love of fried chicken. I joined one of her group programs and later increased my engagement with her. Now I'm regulating creating video for my business."

Stanely Morrical
Business Owner + Financial Advisor

"I didn't want to write this review because String is one of my secret weapons and guides around the world of the internet. Naturally I am quite introverted but I wanted to started connecting with people around the world through stories and curated content. String was able to help me map out a solid marketing plan and a genuine way to communicate to my audience. It's opened up a lot of opportunities locally and overseas and allowed me to meet people that really amaze me"

Martin Kemka
Founder - Northraine

Meet The Trusted Voice Team

String Nguyen
As a 3x LinkedIn Top Voice, String has grown her LinkedIn channel from 0 to 40,000 followers - in under 3 years!

Her key to success: being authentic with her video storytelling.

Jay Henenberg
As The Trusted Wordsmith in our team, Jay is also the instructional designer working behind the scenes of our content.

A talented mixologist of the spoken and written word, Jay is here to support your video journey.

What's Inside the Course

Instead of paying for $1000 of String's Time

Typically String charges $1000 for video strategy. Leverage String’s 10+ years of knowledge and gain the confidence you need to master video - all for for just $147. This a 1-week special offer!

What's Inside The Mobile Video Masterclass

We’re giving you lifetime access to 6 modules including videos, worksheets and scripts, in addition to our upcoming content

Module 1: Level Up Your Video Skills

We start off with some mobile video fundamentals and show you the core techniques required for shooting authentic video.

Module 2: Let’s Get Social & Shoot Videos for LinkedIn

Leverage the power of LinkedIn Video to become a trusted voice. Learn our best practices for engaging LinkedIn videos; from scripts, to compelling CTAs, and techniques for building engagement with your community.

Module 3: A Case Study: Learn From LinkedIn's Top Creators

We developed a break-down analysis of how the top creators are using videos on LinkedIn. After all, we're not the only top LinkedIn creators out there πŸ˜‰

Module 4: Kickstart your video journey [MOST POPULAR]

We run 5-day video challenge, and it is all about taking action! πŸŽ¬πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ We’ve got accountability, scripts, good vibes and motivation to help you smash the challenge.

Module 5: Advanced Techniques

Learn how to insert captions and subtitles in your videos, discover more advanced equipment and level up your video game even higher! 😎

Module 6: Feedback & Scripts Templates

Stuck on coming up with video ideas? We're giving you access  to a library of video scripts.

Keen to improve your video skills? We will share direct feedback on your videos and work with you to level up your confidence πŸš€

What We’re Currently Working On:
- Showcasing the best video editing tools and techniques for iOS and Android
- How to leverage LinkedIn Stories for your business

It's Time To Master Your Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely, with over 645 million professionals, less than 1% create content to stand out - which means it's opportunity to leverage.


You receive lifetime access to my course. 

We suggest you review your LinkedIn positioning on a quarterly basis which means this course is a great resource for you. We regular update this course (we last updated on June 2020).

We're regular update and add modules to keep helping you grow on video. Some popular requests have been mobile video editing and LinkedIn Stories. 

Sure, you can add me on or check out my various posts using the hashtag #stringstory.

I suggest that you leave a personalised message when connecting with me, so I know it's from you :)

Only for online courses, there's a 30 day guarantee.

Please await 5 business upon refund requets.

We are also open to your feedback and a refund if you feel like you're not fully satisfied.

And I've got answers! Feel free to message me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected]

  1. Martin Kemka, levelled up his LinkedIn to grow from 2,000 to 21,000 in 18months. He has successfully positioned himself as an ethical designer in the Machine Learning space.
  2. Marc Dass, grew his views by 900% within a month working with String
  3. Darren, a Commercial Real Estate C-Level, has moved on to become a leadership coach and used LinkedIn to gain clients.

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